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About Jade and Jade Jewelry

Long revered by Asians as the most precious of all stones for centuries, besides being the most beautiful and valued natural material for making jade jewelry and utensils, jade is considered to possess the power of good luck, good health, and the ability to resist evil spirit and to get rid of bad luck. Jadeite. The name derives from jade. Because of its fibrous, felt-like structure, it is very tough and resistant. It occurs in all colors. Fractures are dull and when polished, greasy, sometimes even pearly in luster. The most important Jadeite deposits are in upper Burma, near Tawmav, interlayered in serpentinite, or in secondary deposits in conglomerates or in river gravels. The material found there is exported to China and Hong Kong. All the  Burmese Jade jewelry we carry is manufactured in Hong Kong. Colors of the Jade: Brown, blackish, violet, green, also white, reddish, yellow, often spotted. Click here to continue......

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Tips on Taking Care of Your Fine Jade Jewelry

1.   Clean your jewelry often (see below
      for ways of cleaning), and before
      putting it back in your jewelry box;
2.   Put on your jewelry (especially pearl)
      ONLY AFTER you are done with
      your makeup and perfume;
3.   Keep each jewelry item in a separate
      box to avoid the slightest possible
4.   Check your jewelry for loose parts
      from time to time, and fix them as
      soon as possible;

5.   Do not wear jewelry while taking a shower, working out, swimming,
      or cooking; this is particularly important for pearl, which is a porous 
      material capable of trapping moisture and other elements, causing  
      degradation of the surface luster.
6.   A clean container with warm water and a little mild detergent, 
      a soft brush are all you need to clean most of your jewelry;
7.   For cleaning of pearl, a porous material containing calcium carbide,
      water and protein, soak jewelry in mineral water and rub clean it with 
      fingers, without using any detergent.  Air dry pearl on soft dry cloth
     before putting it back in the box.

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