Certificate of Authenticity
          certificate of authenticity - purchase a certificate with your Jade Jewelry

Purchase a Certificate of Authenticity with your Jade Jewelry.

Certificate of Authenticity, non-refundable $8.00 for each item 

We stand by the quality and authenticity of our jade products, which are strictly Genuine Burmese Jadeite (set in 18k or 14k solid gold), not Nephrite, Chinese Jade (Serpentine) or other jade-like stone. Our Return Policies are the basis of our guarantee. This certificate must be ordered at same time with your jade jewelry !  and it is a ( non-fefundable item ).

Natural Genuine Jadeite Jade:  We will provide official certificate for you as Natural jadeite jade at this link: Our Natural Jadeite Jade Master Piece

Genuine jadeite Jade: Jade Jewelry Web provide this certificate for you, and we guarantee as the one you purchase is Genuine Jadeite Jade.

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