Attributes of Jade
          attributes of jade

Attributes of Jade
A long time ago, there was a man who had a miraculous experience which he believed was caused by a piece of jade in his possession. When he died, he passed his jade on to his son. The jade was then passed from one generation to the next with the belief that 'jade keeps you from evil and disasters'. This is part of jade's deep attraction to the Chinese, aside from its intrinsic beauty, also a symbol of protection.

The nobility and uniqueness characteristics of jade attract people, some keep it as personal possession like ornaments and jewelry, while others treat it as a symbol. The various colors of green, red, yellow, lavender, black and white, accompanied with quality
craftsmanship provides a wide range of variety to jade lovers.

Jadeite jade is closely bound with the Chinese and Chinese culture but it does not originate from China. At the present time, Burma (Myanmar) is still the only place in the world that produces the highest quality of 'jadeite'. 

The value of jadeite depends on its degree of transparency and color. If you are interested in experiencing something unique, do not hesitate to make a purchase of jadeite.

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